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Coding for making a difference.
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Zimin Cao

Software Developer

Candidate for Bachelor of Computer Science @ University of Waterloo

Coder for 12 years that always have innovative ideas in mind, and always bear passion in coding.
Software Enginner Intern (Front-End) at Splunk
Previous Angular Developer at Symantec, Full Stack Developer at Bombardier Aerospace, Dev-Ops at TimePlay.
Horizons School of Technology Summer 2018 Teaching Assistant.


Lyric Wordcloud

Analysis the most frequent words in your NeteaseMusic favourite songs, and generate an awesome word cloud based on them! This project is able to convert Japanese words into its dictionary form (jishokei), so supports Japanese songs!

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A complete new design for the famous cost splitting app, SplitWise.
Introduces a much more modern user interface, and also a split by value feature, for dealing with complicated expenses when eat out, or going grocery shopping!

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A handy app to help when you move :)
PackIt! can help you manage your boxes, and also what items are in it. Simply create boxes and add items into them. Later on, you can search by their name, or category in order to find where are them.

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Todo API

A typical practice project for learning React, Angular, or Vue is a todo list, but you need a backend API as well. Use Todo API to spin up a backend todo list API in no time, no extra installation required!

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Ragdoll Player

A scene graph ragdoll made by Java. You can move its body, arm, hand or leg to manipulate the doll. Also, you can build a 5-second animation by creating key frames and it will generate smooth transitions for you, just like using Adobe Flash.

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Fotag Mobile

An Android photo gallery app. It supports fetching images over the Internet, and also real-time rating. All images downloaded to the app can be filtered by the rating (from 1 to 5). This mobile app is done as a User Interface course assignment and received a 98%.